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MPH Technical Consultancy was founded by Martin Paul Hill CEng to provide client services as a result of the increasing engineering skills gap and shortages. The range of services offered span across electronic/ electrical/ software and mechanical design disciplines. The rationale is to align with clients who want to outsource this type of work or those requiring a turnkey solution (effectively design through to manufacture). This plays to utilisation of distributed resources and lean working.

Supplementary services include training and professional speaking which is aimed at self sufficiency provision and/or knowledge transfer and education.

Specialist skills cover Electric Motor Technology in particular. This is built from 30+ years industry experience working for blue chip companies either using or designing motor control systems. With the trend toward motor + battery powered products the focus is on efficiency and extended time between charging. Expert modes of operation and system refinements come into play and this is where knowledge across different applications can add value and make a difference to the overall design competitiveness. From experience, customers transitioning from one motor type to another or those wanting to develop their own control hardware and firmware are known to benefit from this service.

Rapid turnaround of initial concept/prototype designs using "Agile" methods are enabled with advanced manufacturing tools /processes being leveraged to achieve this objective, including 3D printing and model shop facilities.

We can assist during any project phase and provide EMC pre-compliance testing and reports for electronic designs.

Two recent projects are aligned with micro-mobility applications using one and dual motors respectively. We relish integrating brushless motors with controllers and batteries to form intelligent systems and this is a prevalent trend/market need.

MPH Technical Consultancy assist and collaborate with clients, provide technical support and refine the design and development of products. Please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial, no obligation, discussion about your requirements.


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